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Tunnel Road Corridor Study

About the Tunnel Road Corridor Study

The Tunnel Road corridor is 1.75 miles, generally in a five-lane configuration with sidewalks in some sections and fixed-route transit service throughout the corridor. With its proximity to Downtown and role in connecting the regional road and transit network, there has been growth on Tunnel Road that has created competing needs.  As Buncombe County continues to grow, more development along the corridor is expected. The land use context along the corridor has changed significantly over the last few decades with numerous new retail and multi-family residential projects being developed. What was formerly just a north-south arterial is now seeing an increased demand for access to adjacent, developing properties. As a new decade begins, a better understanding of how this corridor performs is needed to lay out a vision for a complete, multi-modal Tunnel Road that improves the quality of life and safety for all users and residents.

The Tunnel Road Corridor Study will examine this roadway and propose strategies relating to congestion, pedestrian and cyclist safety, and connectivity along and across the road. To accomplish this, the project team will be collaborating closely with Buncombe County, the City of Asheville, the French Broad River MPO, Buncombe County, NCDOT, as well as representatives of the communities and institutions along Tunnel Road. In order to make this plan the biggest success it can be, we will call on the community, the residents, students, and workers who live near or travel on Tunnel Road every day to participate in the planning process.

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Imagine a Tunnel Road where people go not only to shop and get their car serviced, but to meet up with friends, take visitors from out of town, or even look for a place to live. How might the corridor change to be more inviting?  Will there be parks and public plazas? Will there be pathways connecting nature and destinations? Will there be diverse housing and new businesses? Join us in this project to help answer these questions for the roads and spaces between the Beaucatcher Tunnel and Swannanoa River Road. Share your ideas and tell us what needs to change by clicking on the below map.