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Get Involved

public input

Public involvement is a key part of FBRMPO planning efforts. FBRMPO engagement efforts include online surveys, electronic and written input opportunities, public face to face meetings and quarterly meetings of the Citizens Advisory Committee. Throughout development of short and long range plans, it is the goal of FBRMPO to engage the public at multiple steps to produce a plan based on a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive process.

Current Comment Opportunities and Events

For ongoing corridor and feasibility studies (Tunnel Rd, Hendersonville Rd, Transit Feasibility Study, etc.) visit the project page under the “Plans” dropdown.

For proposed TIP amendments and modifications, visit the TIP page.

For recent presentation or event information, visit the Recent Events Page.

For employment and bid opportunities, visit the RFQ and Employment Page.

Looking to make a public comment at a MPO TCC or Board meeting?

There are two comment periods during each meeting which allow for public comment. You may either attend the meeting and make comment at that time or send your written/verbal/electronic comments to the MPO ahead of time and they will be relayed to the TCC/Board

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. Public comments may be limited to three (3) minutes at discretion of the Chair.

Open Records Request

To submit an open records request send an email to mpo@landofsky.org or submit it to the FBRMPO office by mail or in person at 339 New Leicester Highway, Suite 140, Asheville, North Carolina 28806. You can also view the Public Involvement Policy and Title VI plan under the Governance and Policies page .