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Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP)

MTP 2045

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP, previously known as LRTP) is a fiscally-constrained and required planning document that reflects planned transportation investments over the next twenty-five years. It forecasts changes in the region and seeks to identify transportation improvements needed to keep travelers and goods moving smoothly and how to fund those improvements. The plan is multi-modal and identifies investments in roadway, public transportation, bicycle and pedestrian, rail and aviation projects.

The current MTP 2045, was adopted by the MPO on September 24, 2020. The complete plan, maps and executive summary can be found below. The previous MTP can be found on the Regionwide plans page.

HE-0001 Traffic Forecast for Proposed New Interchange on I-26

MTP Amendment #2 – January 2022 – OPEN for Public Comment

On January 27th, the MPO Board will consider an amendment to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) to incorporate a proposed project that would provide a new interchange on I-26 between Exits 33 (Brevard Road) and 37 (Long Shoals Road.) The project, HE-0001, is expected to cost roughly $30 million and would tie-in to the access road at the Pratt & Whitney site and connect to NC 191 (Brevard Road.) While the project is expected to be funded with State Commerce funds, the project is required to be identified in the MTP in order to obtain required federal approvals.

Comments can be submitted to mpo@landofsky.org or by phone at 828-251-6622 until 5pm on January 26th. Additionally, comments can be presented to the TCC and/or Board at their meetings as listed on the Agenda/Minutes page. 

Plan and Survey Materials:


Appendix A – Public Involvement

Appendix B – Land Use Study Report

Appendix C – Project Scoring

Appendix D – Environmental Justice Scoring

Appendix E – Horizon Year Maps

Appendix F – Project Dossiers // Project Dossier Key

Appendix G – Amendments (see below)

Amendment #1 June 2021 – Adopted 6/24/2021

Check out the supplemental materials below for more information on MTP development. 


Population Summary by Municipality (full breakdown under Land Use Study Report below)

A virtual public meeting was held on August 18th to discuss the plan. You can view the recording HERE.

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