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TIP (Transportation Improvement Program)


The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a ten-year work program that includes all regionally significant transportation projects in the MPO planning area.  The TIP includes projects for all modes of transportation including roadway, public transportation, rail, aviation, bicycle and pedestrian.  The TIP is updated every two years, as a subset of the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). All projects in the TIP must be consistent with the adopted Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

2020 – 2029 Transportation Improvement Program (PDF – Amended September 2020)

The 2020-2029 TIP was adopted by the FBRMPO Board on October 24, 2019. The link to the document itself contains the originally adopted version in addition to all adopted amendments, which are also posted below. Amendments and modifications to the TIP below:

Amendments #3 – OPEN FOR PUBLIC REVIEW AND COMMENT – proposed for Board consideration in November 2020, adoption in January 2021

    • This round of amendments includes major project delays due to reduced financial capacity of NCDOT as well as programming of 2020 STBG/TAPDA funding made available through the FBRMPO
    • STIP Reprogramming Parameters per NCDOT (August 2020)
    • Comments can be submitted by phone at (828)-251-6622, by email: mpo@landofsky.org or through other means until January 27th at 5pm as listed on the Get Involved page.

ArcGIS Online Map of 2020-2029 TIP Projects

An online map of projects in the 2020-2029 TIP is shown below (disabled on mobile) or at the link above. The map shows highway, bicycle, and pedestrian projects for the MPO region based on the currently adopted TIP and includes amendments. Project description, cost, right-of-way and construction date are included as popup information. 

Previous – FY 2018 – 2027 Transportation Improvement Program (with Amendments through January 2020)

2016-2025 MPO TIP 

NCDOT and the STIP

Transportation Improvement Program funding is divided among the 14 Highway Divisions in North Carolina. The FBRMPO is part of both Divisions 13 (Buncombe and Madison) and 14 (Haywood and Henderson). Beyond highway funds, FBRMPO receives TIP funding for the transit systems in the urban areas and supplemental funding for planning studies and other locally administered programs.

In August 2019, following a 16-month development process known as SPOT 5.0, NCDOT released the final draft of the 2020-2029 State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), which included both new projects and schedule adjustments from the previous draft released in January.  The final draft version was approved by the N.C. Board of Transportation in September 2019. The MPO was involved in the STIP development process, described further on the SPOT webpage.